Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Candelabra by Afton Locke releases today!

Feeling COLD this winter?
Heat up with a fire elemental fairy and some HOT WAX.

Candelabra by Afton Locke - paranormal/light BDSM erotic romance quickie
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
eBook ISBN #: 978-14199-26525

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Tandy travels to Scotland’s Loch Enya castle to attend a BDSM convention she hopes will overcome her control-freak tendencies. When Bryne pulls her into his room of fire, she fears she’s stepped into the lair of a crazy man. But as he mesmerizes her and sears her with his hot passions, she consents to a BDSM session of hot wax play that turns out to be the most intense journey of her life. Entrusting her body and mind to him might heal her, but the elemental fire fairy has an agenda of his own that threatens to consume them both in flames.

Adult excerpt:
An Excerpt From: CANDELABRA Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2009
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Are you ready, Tandy?” Bryne asked.

“Yes, Milord” she replied in a small, hesitant voice unlike her own. “I think so.”

“I will test you first to make sure you can handle the wax the entire time I fuck you.”

The first drop of wax, a molten raindrop, landed on her lower back. Her breath hissed as her skin adjusted to the heat. After he smeared the hot puddle with his finger, a long pause followed.
The smell of hot wax filled the room. She felt so helpless with the hood on. She needed to see the tipped candle and falling wax. Every muscle in her body tensed with expectation of the next hot drop since she had no idea where it would hit next.

Another drop fell several inches to the right of the first. Since it was hotter, he must have held the candle closer. Without vision, her skin became her primary sensory organ and it was completely at Bryne’s mercy.

“You handled the test drops very well,” he told her. “Are you ready to proceed?”

Let’s get this show on the road. “Yes, Milord. It feels good and I want more.” Wax me. Wax me and fuck me already.

This time, several drops fell in succession from her back to her ass cheeks, making her gasp. The multiple drops were hotter than just one. While her skin smarted, she breathed through it. It almost hurt but not quite. Heat built in her abdomen, swelling her pussy even more than before. A rivulet of fresh, hot cream inched down her thigh.

“Your skin is so beautiful and pink,” he said, fondling the curve of her ass.

Her hips jerked when a large, hot drop landed just above the crease between her cheeks. She wanted more. She wanted to feel that hot wax drip down the groove all the way to her pussy to mingle with the hot juices there. Tiny spasms of pleasure kept her hips continually dancing as more hot wax dripped on her ass.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked.

The sound of a condom packet being torn open tightened her pussy. Just when she expected another drop, the wet, heated head of Bryne’s cock nudged against her cunt.

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