Sunday, March 28, 2010

Peak Energy - Free Read!

Peak Energy, a free read with Ellora's Cave, Jasmine Jade releases tomorrow, 29 March 2010!

eBook ISBN #: 999-01000-00800
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This is the sequel to Sexual Energy.


Astrophysicist Dr. Jay Walters needs to find enough energy to launch and control a spaceship for Planet Chromefield’s new space program. When sexy Lorna, the object of his fantasies, seduces him one day at lunch, he discovers what may be the greatest source of sexual energy between her shapely legs. His hunch is proven correct when he tests her energy during a private experiment, but when he instructs her to get as horny as she possibly can, she needs a little help from the doctor.

Excerpt (Rated X):
An Excerpt From: PEAK ENERGY
Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

When a sweet, pink cloud drifted toward him, Jay Walters forgot all about the tension knotting his shoulders from the long nights of work. He was studying and quantifying the sexual energy that ran the planet—trying to find enough energy to launch and control a spaceship.

“Lorna must be here,” Logan commented.

Jay’s cock didn’t need to be told. It already sensed the presence of the sexy brunette, who delivered lunch daily to Gal-X’s top space team. Most women struggled to hide the pink energy light that emanated from between their legs but not Lorna. He put his glasses back on to help see through the haze.

Her high heels tapped across the glossy, tile floor of the research office.

He was so stiff. He pushed his spreadsheets away. There was no way he could work with this woman around.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen,” Lorna said in her silky, alto voice as she set the carton of food on his desk. Just hearing it made hot fluid leak from the tip of his penis.

“Something smells good,” Logan said. The big, light-haired “alien” from Geo, an Earth colony like Chromefield, helped her take the food out of the carton.

Something definitely smelled good, Jay thought but it wasn’t the food. Lorna always wore a sweet, fruity lotion that made her shapely legs shiny smooth and emanated a scent that screamed “fuck me”.

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