Saturday, January 9, 2016

my first audio book!

Alpha in Disguise is now available in audio!

The process was pretty easy. Decadent Publishing worked with me to find a narrator I liked. First, I filled out a questionnaire to indicate what my characters are like and what accents I preferred. Since the book takes place in South Dakota, I chose a western accent. Then I had to pick the gender of the narrator. That was tough. Since the heroine in this story is so strong, I went with female.

Next, I had to pick an emotionally gripping scene and have the narrator read it. That was a good opportunity to catch problems like mispronunciation of names and inflections that differed from what I envisioned. Once approved, I had to listen to/review the entire book, chapter by chapter.

It was really cool to hear my story spoken aloud. It made it seem real and in the moment. I'd even forgotten some of the nuances I'd written. I hope readers enjoy it and more audio books will follow.


Afton Locke