Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tribute to Dallas

I’m sorry to hear another great star passed this year. Larry Hagman, better known as J.R. on Dallas. I grew up watching Dallas. It was great family time on Friday night, after a hard week or school or work, to get wrapped up in the drama. I remember when everybody wore “who shot J.R?” T-shirts.

This is the show that inspired me to write. The emotions and twists and turns of the plot drove me to pick up the pen for the first time. I remember buying a theme book of blank notebook paper where I hand wrote my first novella. A western, of course. And who can forget the character Afton, the sultry songstress who tangled with both J.R. and Cliff?

The inspiration didn’t stop there. I bought a cowboy hat, boots, and a pack of bandanas. I rode a horse every chance I got. When I won a trip to Houston, I was beyond excited. The men handling the bags at the airport wore hats and boots too.

Need I mention that Texas men are especially hot? There’s nothing sexier than a cowboy wearing tight designer jeans with a big belt buckle and a half-buttoned shirt. Dallas had plenty of men to drool over and nice ranch scenes for overall western flavor. I can’t wait to go back to Texas in 2013 to The Naughty Little Sleepover reader event (

I’m a retro TV fan, so I’ve been watching the Dallas reruns. Having experienced more of life, I get even more out of them than watching them the first time. I watched part of the sequel that aired recently, but it just didn’t have the same magic. The power, the elegance, the something I can’t even define.

You might be gone, J.R., but never forgotten.

Afton Locke
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