Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Loving Day Blog Hop - Interracial Dating What If?

At a high school conference, I met an African-American man at a dance. The connection was so strong I didn’t notice or care what color he was at first. Other students thought it was cool, but the family was not so supportive because they tended to be kind of uptight in my dating years. When the guy invited me to his prom, I wanted to go, but the disapproval was too high a price. I lived with my family so tension would be 24/7. I also had other guys asking me out, so I cut my losses.

I remember the scent of his cologne and can’t help wondering what if I’d been stronger? If that situation happened now, and if I knew he was the love of my life, I would fight to be with him, no question. My heroine in Rose, Exposed struggles with the same issue.

I started writing interracial romance because it adds another dimension of conflict, making the happily ever after an even sweeter reward. I set these books in historical time periods because racial tensions were even stronger then.

Rose, Exposed


When Leroy gets promoted at the new oyster plant on Pearl Point, all he cares about is working hard. Then he meets flirtatious artist Rose, and soon nothing matters except getting her to the altar and into bed. He’s healing from a recent loss, and isn’t about to let her go too.

Because Rose’s strict, social-climbing father doesn’t approve of dark-skinned Leroy, they court in secret. Although Leroy’s raw passion can convince her to do almost anything, why can’t he understand she needs freedom, not marriage? However, in the 1930s, freedom for any woman is hard to come by.

In Leroy’s arms, Rose finds unimaginable sensual pleasures, but she’s torn by desire and duty. Her father wants her to be white; Leroy wants her to embrace her black heritage. Playing both sides of the fence leaves this young biracial beauty exposed in more ways than one.

Also check out the prequel, Plucking the Pearl.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Loving Day Blog Hop is only 4 days away!


Loving Blog Hop day is on June 12th. Stop by to read my post.
Commenters will be eligible to win a copy of Plucking the Pearl, the first interracial erotic romance in the Oyster Harbor series.

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