Saturday, February 20, 2021

Deadlocked by Dawn ~ don't look behind you! ~ 2/27 release


Paradise in the Florida Keys…


After 2020, Delia Sloane struggles to keep Rainbow Falls Resort afloat while grieving the loss of her father and husband. She refuses to let her Key Largo slice of paradise—a haven for non-mainstream couples—die. But when a serial killer begins attacking her guests—leaving a single dreadlock on each victim—everything spins out of control, including what’s left of her family.


Hides a killer…


After her brother’s experience with police brutality, the last place she wants to turn to for help is law enforcement. Scarred mentally by a deadly force incident, Detective Will Peterson has avoided homicide cases. But only he has the skills to drill into the elusive killer’s twisted mind.


And it just got personal…


When a hurricane strikes, exposing the horrible truth behind Delia’s losses and threatening everything she holds dear, trusting Will may be her only hope. Are they up to the challenge?


She stepped toward the door. “Yes?”

“Turndown service,” the worker replied.

Isn’t it a little early for that?

She  opened the door.

“Uh, sure,” Mandy replied. “Does it include rose petals?”

The guy glanced at the tangle of white sheets across the room. “Of course. When I’m finished, your bed will be covered in crimson.”

A little chill snaked down her spine. Must be the sweat drying. Strange. They’d been here two days already, and this was the first time anyone had offered turndown service. The place couldn’t bring her a lousy drink but could make her bed twice a day?

Maybe there’d been a mix-up with another room. Why not take advantage of it? After she showered and enjoyed those drinks with Eric, they could do it again on a bed of rose petals.

“Sure. Knock yourself out,” she finally said. “I’ll be in the shower.”

With the peekaboo panel closed, obviously.

“Oh, before you do, please come choose your flavor of chocolate.” His voice sounded strange. Kind of flat. Maybe he was new.

Okay, now I’m annoyed. Tired of humoring this weirdo. Just wanted to get her shower in before Eric returned. Her skin itched and smelled like sex.

She padded toward the bed where the worker had opened a box of chocolates. It also contained a compartment of red rose petals and another with something else. Black and woolly looking. Coiled up like a snake.

A scouring pad, maybe? What else could it be?

As soon as she took another step, the jackass swooped in behind her. Then he whipped an arm around her waist and another across her neck. Alarm bells jangled in her head, sending a tsunami of shock waves through her.

What the hell?

“Get off me!” she yelled, but struggling did no good. The man had pinned her between the bed and his body.

And he’d replaced the arm circling her throat with something hard and sharp. A knife. Her legs melted to jelly while her heart hammered every rib.

H-he’s going to kill me, isn’t he? Why? Dear God, why?

“He’ll hurt you,” he grated in her ear with a raspy voice. “They all do.”


“Your husband.” He spat the word as if it tasted disgusting.

“What? What are you talking about? Eric loves me, and I love him.”

Stop talking. Scream! But her pulse pounded in her ears, and she couldn’t think straight.

Eric, where are you?

“What do you want?” she cried.

Whatever it was, she’d give it to him to save her life. Her wedding day flashed through her mind. Eric’s loving face as he said his vows… Would she ever see it again?

“To save you from a broken heart.”

They were the last words she heard before the blade sliced into her neck. The rumpled white covers where she’d made love filled with red petals as the worker had promised. They grayed into blackness until they finally disappeared.






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Hard Lust by Tina Donahue

Hard Lust by Tina Donahue

(PNR Reverse Harem – Hell Bent on Sin)


Three sexy demons—what’s a girl to do?

Don’t ever trust a demon. Unfortunately, Megan has learned that lesson too late. The deal she made to save her sister's life––has landed her in Hell temporarily and about seventy years early. And now she has three sexy demons trying to tell her what to do.

Nope. Not going to happen.

These guys have never had to deal with such defiance. Andros figures she’s due for some erotic discipline, which he’ll happily provide. Racan’s pure alpha, his hardcore plans include bondage and submission. Quiet yet intense, Vespar expects endless kink to spice up their carnal play.

Who would have ever expected she’d end up falling for them? Too bad demons can’t be trusted…because someone is trying to kill the magic and threatening her stay in this lusty world.


Even during her worst days, Megan Wynters never believed this would happen.

I am so screwed.

Afraid to budge, she stood paralyzed in a garish room decorated in more gold and mirrors than Versailles, a weird symbol she couldn’t decipher painted on bloodred walls. Displayed throughout the cavernous space were countless marble statues depicting nude men and women screwing or going down on each other. Thunderous bass from a death-metal tune pounded through the wall to her left, the pornographic paintings hanging there bouncing on each deafening beat.

She curled her upper lip, turned, and flinched.

A guy who hadn’t been in here a second before, sat in the throne-like chair behind the humongous desk. Early thirties or so, he had hazel eyes and thick blond hair that fell in soft waves to his shoulders. Those suckers and his chest were beyond broad, his well-toned muscles straining against his black silk shirt.

Her stomach fluttered at the astounding picture he created, and then her insides clenched when she recalled where she was.

That didn’t keep her from eyeing him further.

The sun, or a tanning lamp, had tinted his complexion gold, while his features––not only were they masculine, but beautiful enough for an angel.

Down here? In fucking Hell?

Given his great looks, she had to be anywhere but there. Her pulse ticked up. Hope surged.

Someone moaned.

The statue to her right was climaxing. Jeezus. The writhing life-sized figures weren’t stone but people, or demons, or something animate. The pure-white woman threw back her head and wailed. The pasty guy kept pumping his cock into her.

God, God, God. This definitely wasn’t Heaven. But not quite the other place, either, considering the cool air circulating, causing goose bumps to rise on her arms.

Rattled and wary, she faced the guy.

He regarded her mouth and then met her eyes, his searching and engaged.

Unexpected heat rushed through her, her folds creaming at his inviting response, appreciation for his raw male appeal stealing her breath and—

Hold it. She couldn’t be turned on by him. It’s a trick. He’s fucking doing this to me because he’s…

Uncertain what he was, she cringed at the possibilities but still couldn’t glance away.

He stroked an onyx ring on his left forefinger that boasted a dark red symbol—the same as those on the walls—against a black circle.

Which means? Her stomach rolled and wouldn’t stop. She didn’t want an explanation on what the marking signified. It might murder her dream that this wouldn’t turn out too bad.

Already his silence was killing her. Say something. That was definitely preferable to him doing any other fucking thing.

He smiled, producing deep dimples in his cheeks.

Her knees weakened at his normal, friendly greeting. The way a mortal guy might show delight at seeing her, and that maybe this could lead to something good. Conversation, a few laughs, then other great stuff. If he behaved nicely, she wouldn’t mind. Damn, she hadn’t had fun in forever.

Another statue climaxed.

Holy hell. Snapped back to reality, she remembered her presence here was a colossal blunder she had to straighten out. Her mouth was so dry she struggled to speak. “I don’t know who you are, but—”

“Andros.” His smooth baritone caressed and enticed. “And you’re Megan.”

She wasn’t admitting to anything.

He glanced at his computer screen. “You waitressed at Sally Jean’s before coming here.” He grinned, making new dimples. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

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