Friday, March 11, 2011

Seven Minutes of Seduction

Dark closet + sexy boss + 7 minutes = too HOT to stop!

Releases March 16th!
Ever had a fantasy about the boss?

Despite Eliza Worth’s attraction to her boss, Zach Taunton, she’s so fed up with his unreasonable demands she’s decided to look for another job. Her matchmaking friend Margo, determined to give Eliza some sexual healing for her work stress, invites her to a singles mixer, where Eliza reluctantly agrees to play a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

In a dark closet, Eliza is quickly brought to the edge and beyond by a sexy mystery man. Her initial intrigue quickly turns to horror when she discovers her masterful, anonymous lover is none other than her slave-driving boss himself—and Zach seems to want her for a lot longer than seven minutes.

But first he’ll have to relinquish some control and negotiate his way into her heart.

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Afton Locke