Sunday, December 9, 2012

6 Sentence Sunday - Plucking the Pearl

Plucking the Pearl by Afton Locke -- now in print at Ellora's Cave!

He groaned when her hand clasped the hard ridge of his trousers. Inside, his organ strained against the fabric and ached for release.

“I need to see you too,” she said.

“Pearl,” he warned.

“I bet you have a naughty word for it too. Tell me.”

“It’s called a cock,” he replied.

Afton Locke

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tribute to Dallas

I’m sorry to hear another great star passed this year. Larry Hagman, better known as J.R. on Dallas. I grew up watching Dallas. It was great family time on Friday night, after a hard week or school or work, to get wrapped up in the drama. I remember when everybody wore “who shot J.R?” T-shirts.

This is the show that inspired me to write. The emotions and twists and turns of the plot drove me to pick up the pen for the first time. I remember buying a theme book of blank notebook paper where I hand wrote my first novella. A western, of course. And who can forget the character Afton, the sultry songstress who tangled with both J.R. and Cliff?

The inspiration didn’t stop there. I bought a cowboy hat, boots, and a pack of bandanas. I rode a horse every chance I got. When I won a trip to Houston, I was beyond excited. The men handling the bags at the airport wore hats and boots too.

Need I mention that Texas men are especially hot? There’s nothing sexier than a cowboy wearing tight designer jeans with a big belt buckle and a half-buttoned shirt. Dallas had plenty of men to drool over and nice ranch scenes for overall western flavor. I can’t wait to go back to Texas in 2013 to The Naughty Little Sleepover reader event (

I’m a retro TV fan, so I’ve been watching the Dallas reruns. Having experienced more of life, I get even more out of them than watching them the first time. I watched part of the sequel that aired recently, but it just didn’t have the same magic. The power, the elegance, the something I can’t even define.

You might be gone, J.R., but never forgotten.

Afton Locke
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Friday, October 19, 2012

RomantiCon 2012 was a blast!

Last week’s RomantiCon 2012 was a blast. I met up again with authors I hadn’t seen in a few years and met some new ones. The fun workshops make learning painless. And may I say the cavemen this year were particularly gorgeous. On Thursday night, there was a meet and greet party with my fave, karaoke. I was way out of practice but I managed not to clear the room with my singing. The cavemen danced with us as we sang.

Friday, we learned how to use hula hoops, which is a great calorie burner. Who knew? My favorite event of the whole convention was getting to pose with the male models as if it would go on a book cover. Imagine my surprise when I was lifted into the air! The camera, everyone watching, and being sandwiched between two shirtless hunks is enough to put a girl into sensory overload. That night we dressed up, celebrating Mayan Carnival. I finally got to wear the dress I’d been sewing and struggling to finish since June.

Saturday, we had a zumba lesson from the caveman who ultimately won the Alpha Caveman title. I’d heard of zumba but had never done it. I’ve never had so much fun working out. If only I could get that instruction every week. After that, we learned how to give lap dances and the volunteers had us in stitches of laughter.

That evening was apocalypse night. Since I don’t have any camo, I dressed like a vampire zombie. To my surprise, I won an award for my last book, Plucking the Pearl. It was great to meet fans. I felt like a celebrity!

Sunday, I had the best book signing ever. The four hours flew by with performances from the cavemen and Cleveland Exotic Dancers. After experiencing book signings early in my career where I sold no books or maybe one or two, this was fantastic. That night was the pizza and bingo party. We were all laughing so hard from the antics of the cavemen.

It was sad to see it end, but after four nights of partying I needed some rest. I realized I hadn’t danced or worn a fancy dress in a couple of years. Life had been too heavy and serious. This convention reminded me what FUN is and that it’s necessary. I’ll be back.

Afton Locke

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enter the MRW Vixen contest before 9/30!

Attention romance writers: show us the chemistry!
* FEEDBACK: Entrants receive constructive feedback from first-round judges,
many of them published authors. Finalists receive a brief critique by the
final round judge.
* EXPOSURE: Finalists in each category will be judged by editors publishing
in that subgenre. First place winners and category finalists will be listed
in advertising and announcements in the RWA® Romance Writers Report.
* PRIZES: First place category winners receive a $50 cash prize and a gold
Vixen pin!
* OPPORTUNITY: Last year, ONE THIRD of our contest finalists were asked to
submit partial or full manuscripts.

Up to 20 pages of any scene that showcases your use of sensual tension, plus an
unjudged 1-page set-up (optional).
Anyone! Membership in Maryland Romance Writers or Romance Writers of America is
NOT required. The author can be published or not yet published, but the contest
entry must be original and uncontracted as of September 1, 2012.
(Word counts apply to targeted finished length of completed manuscript.)
* Series Contemporary: 1950-present, 40,000-79,000 words finished length
* Single Title: 1950-present, 80,000-120,000 words finished length
* Historical: BCE-1950, 40,000-120,000 words finished length
* Alternative: time travel, fantasy, futuristic, paranormal, 85,000-120,000
words finished length
* Erotic Romance: 60,000-120,000 words finished length
* LGBT Romance: 40,000-120,000, any genre/era
* Young Adult: 40,000+ words finished length

$20 MRW members
$25 Non-MRW Members–U.S. entries and International entries
Each entry will be judged by THREE qualified judges, i.e., trained and/or
published authors. The three top-scoring entries in each category will advance
to the final round for evaluation by one editor and one agent who acquire in
that genre.
2012 Judge List
Category Editor House Agent Agency
Series Contemporary Elizabeth Mazer HQN Jessica Alvarez Bookends Literary
Single Title Emily Ohanjanians HQN-Mira Paige Wheeler Folio Literary
Historical Erin Molta Entangled Nicole Lukosil Bradford Literary Agency
Alternative Chelsey Emmelhainz Avon Nicole Resciniti Seymour Agency
Erotic Christa Desir Samhain Jenn Schober Spencerhill
LGBT Kelli Collins Elloras Cave Alissa Davis Carina Press
YA Aubrey Poole Sourcebooks Kevan Lyon Marsal Lyon
Contest opens for entries on July 1, 2012. Entries must be received and
time-stamped no later than October 1, 2012.
Visit or email the 2012 Reveal Your
Inner Vixen Contest Coordinators, Christi Barth or Eliza Knight at

Afton Locke

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plucking the Pearl gets 4.5 star review

Plucking the Pearl earned a 4.5 star review from Long and Short reviews!

Pearl is a sympathetic and well crafted heroine...And the sparks in this story are hot and plentiful... I highly enjoyed the forbidden nature of their affair and the uniqueness of the time period and setting. The historical aspect was good and genuine. ...All and all, a hot and enjoyable historical that I highly recommend. This is definitely a re-read for me. Take an emotional escape to a different time and era with Plucking the Pearl.

And Ellora's Cave Romanticon 2012 convention is just weeks away! See you there.

Afton Locke
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Candelabra

From Candelabra by Afton Locke, published by Ellora's Cave 2009:



Most were red tapers in elegant, silver candelabras—the kind one might find on a fancy dining room table.

What was this guy?

A pyromaniac?

Of all the men in Scotland, she had to meet a psychopath.

Afton Locke
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

6 Sentence Sunday - 7 Minutes of Seduction

From Seven Minutes of Seduction by Afton Locke, published by Ellora's Cave 2011

She heard the rustle of curtain, a man’s breathing and…oh God.

That was Zach’s cologne.

The distinctive blend of exotic spices and understated class had distracted her mid-task more than once at work.

Coincidence, she told herself as she clasped her hand across her throat.

Lots of men wore the same cologne.

He couldn’t possibly be here.

Afton Locke
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plucking the Pearl - Fallen Angel Reviews recommended read!

Plucking the Pearl is a Fallen Angel Reviews recommended read!

"This was a wonderful story of forbidden love."

This book hadn't received many official reviews, so I was thrilled to find this in my In Box this morning!

Afton Locke
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cerise Deland - ROPE ME IN (with panties...)

Cerise Deland joins us to share more hot books! Tell us about your new series, Cerise.

PANTIES make the Woman!

What’s in your panty drawer?

Anything new? Daring? Yummy? Edible? (Hmm, yes, panties are now eco-friendly, and one brand even says, EAT ME!)

I adore great lingerie.

Today, I wanted to share with you a peek at where my research has sent me for a new series, titled KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER for EC.

In ROPE ME IN (, the first in the series out now at EC, my heroine, Cara Ford, is about to open a new shop in a tiny Texas town where the men are good and plenty~and the women wear only smiles. Cara wants to spice up the sedate little clothing store on Main Street where her auntie has presided over the women’s fashion for more than fifty years. Auntie Bree has a few outdated ideas about what the females in this town should have.

Cara Ford has a few modern ones!

Here, so that you can “shop” with Cara (and empty your wallet!) are a few of the great websites and blogs:

I started buying great (let that read, daring and expensive) lingerie more than 10 years ago. It goes a long way to interest your lover!

Some of these are very pricey~into the thousands! And you can see why.

But nothing says luvin’ like something from a French shop or two.

What’s in your closet? Got any item that your significant other just drools over?

Tell us!

Wow. I'm going to go check my panty drawer now...

Afton Locke

Monday, May 7, 2012

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? by Cerise Deland


Welcome, Cerise, and tell us about your latest book. I just love cowboys!

AMAZON buy link:

A Sheriff, A Hot Gal and his gun.

What’s a girl to do when she has the hots for the local sheriff—and he’s playing it cool? Mae Montaine knows the man has a gun in his pocket and he’s always happy to see her.

So why won’t he come over and see her sometime…for a date? A hug? A kiss? More?

West Farraday yearns for the All-American knock-out who lives next door, but Mae’s got problems and secrets. He’d love to help her out…of her problems. And her clothes. Then into his bed.

When timing seems right, West makes his move. He’s happier than a colt in clover.

Mae’s skeptical they can make it as a couple. After all, town gossip says the good sheriff is hard on the ladies.

But when three bad coyotes invade Mae’s life, West tries to prove to her that a man who’s hard in the sack can be easy to love. 

Excerpt: (Copyright 2012, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)
Something was burning.
August in Texas meant crispy grass, drought and wild fires—and West Farraday had no desire to see his house burn to the ground. Where was that smoke coming from?
He lifted his nose and tracked the smell of charcoal, then startled when he saw red flames rise over the top of his tall wooden fence.
A barbeque pit out of control? Not good!
“Aw, hell!” No need to think.  He’d learned from previous incidents that his new neighbor was an East Coast gal with no clue how to survive in Texas. Hightailing it into his kitchen, he pulled open the pantry door and grabbed the fire extinguisher. He pivoted, broke into a run, charged through his gate and darted for the tiny house next door.
Mae Montaine. Mae from New Jersey. Mae of the flowing, dark-chocolate hair and aquamarine eyes. Mae of the creamy skin, the voluptuous breasts and curvy legs. The fillings in his molars melted every time she sashayed past him. Mae, that gorgeous klutz, had gotten herself in a pickle again. And he was her handy dandy neighbor, ready at the draw.
Jumping her waist-high chain-link fence, he instantly saw her problem. Not only was she staring at the leaping fire in her potbellied grill, but she jumped up and down, screeching, doing nothing to contain the blaze.
“Move!” he yelled at her as he thrust one arm out and pushed her behind him. Then he let loose with the foam, dousing the five-foot tall flames and cursing beneath his breath.
He spun to check where Mae’s niece was. There. He breathed more easily. In her playpen by the door stood little Emma, grinning her welcome to him.
“Oh, oh, that’s wonderful,” Mae cooed in the raspy contralto that ignited wild fires along his spine and had him stealing a glimpse of her loveliness. “That’s terrific. I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea. How did this happen? Who knew? Oh, you are so good to do this. How can I ever thank you?”
I know one way. “Don’t think about it,” he offered as he continued to spray the flames, keeping his gaze on the fire even if his mind sizzled with the glimpse he’d gotten of her skimpy top and shorts.
“I don’t know what I did wrong. I was so careful.” She fretted and fumed, her firm breasts brushing his arm as she leaned forward to peer at his efforts. “I’m so grateful you even noticed.”
He snorted. How could I not? “I was home. Outside working on my lawn. This could have been a real disaster.”
“I’m sorry,” she said in a wee voice. “I thought I knew how to do this. Build a fire, that is. You must think I’m a mess.”
“Truly?” He threw her a smile and the one he got in return dissolved his urge to scold her. The most gorgeous mess I’ve ever seen. “A bit accident prone.”
“I’m so sorry,” she said beneath her breath. “I don’t know what I would do without you. I guess you’re used to saving people. Sheriffs do that, don’t they? You’ve saved me so many times now.”
“That many? Maybe so. There was the nail in my tire.”
“Your kitchen faucet blew its gasket,” he reminded her, recalling Mae Montaine appearing at his front door last Sunday morning in a white cotton sundress wet from nipples to knees. One look at her display and his legs had turned into feathers. He’d had to brace himself against his door jamb at the sight of her asking for help. Every one of her lush curves had been defined in mouth-watering detail beneath the sodden, transparent fabric. Including her round, puckered nipples.
“I’m grateful.” Her sensuous mouth tipped up in a grin.  “Really.”
So was I. Better than an X-rated flick to see you in all your glory. “No worries, Mae. I was here. I was available.” I am now certifiably hooked on your looks and your humility.
“I’m trying so hard,” she fussed at herself.
“Don’t. Just let yourself ease into country life,” he consoled her, complementing  his words with a broad smile in her direction. But he froze. Her gaze had been plastered to his naked back. When his eyes sought hers, her lashes fluttered. Flustered? Interested? Maybe?
Do not go there. He ground his teeth. Then returned to his work. How one woman could have so many challenges beat him. How he could be her savior so often thrilled him. Getting close to her—within inches as he was now—made him hard. Made him drool. Made him rein in his fantasy of having her sighing beneath him and remind himself of how that was such a bad idea.
“And damn. All my wieners are burnt!”
Mine is too, lady.
“Plus, the neighbors will be so scared. Because of the drought, the brush fires have been so terrible.“
“Doubt anyone else saw.”
“I feel awful. They’ll think I’m an idiot.”
“No. No.” That’s what she had said the first time he’d  saved her from disaster. When was that? A month ago? He’d been outside then, too, heard her yell in dismay and come barreling over the fence. She had stepped in a giant mound of red ants and they had feasted on her feet. Her elegant feet. Her slim, red-lacquered toes.
Shit. Are you playing with a full deck, Farraday?
“Think I should go apologize to them?”
“Who? The ants?”
“What? No, the neighbors.” She waved a hand in the direction of the other houses around theirs. Her beautiful breasts bobbed.
His brain sizzled like an egg in a frying pan. Ah, Farraday, you have lost your mind over this woman. “You don’t have to.”
“But I do. Oh, I do! They probably think I’m a nitwit screaming for help every other day.”
She didn’t calm down quickly after any of her disasters.
Just call me your fireman, your handy man, your only…. Enough. He bit his lower lip. Pain would bring him back to sanity. “Look, Mae. You are fine. No one else is running over. The fire is almost under control—“
“Thanks to you. What if you hadn’t been home?”
“But I was.” Good for me.
“And now I don’t have anything else for dinner.” She babbled on about this and that, while he did more damage control and stepped forward to peer into the grill and check for any smoldering embers.
Like he wasn’t one himself.
“Thank you, Sheriff.” She laid a hand on his and his skin melted.
What the hell is wrong with you, Farraday? This is just one woman with nice tits. And a great ass that would fit just fine into your two palms. Up against you, your cock nestled between her thighs.
Stop. This.
“West,” he corrected her as he worked on the pile of glowing coals. Get a grip, man. Like most city slickers, she’s oblivious to the world. Sadly, to you, too. Some folks are built like that, and you have to accept what you can’t change. Take another woman to bed and squelch your own fires.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

From Plucking the Pearl by Afton Locke, published by Ellora's Cave 2012

Watching the wet creature slide past the dark hairs of his moustache intrigued her in a way she couldn’t explain. When he bent forward to kiss her, she was too aroused to refuse. His pale blue eyes came closer than they ever had and all she could do was stare helplessly into them. It was as if she floated higher and higher into the sky, never to set foot on firm earth again. She felt his moustache first, hot and coarse, and then his lips, cooler and wetter. As his mouth worked over hers, something pushed between her lips.

Afton Locke
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

video for Plucking the Pearl

Here's the video trailer for Plucking the Pearl hot off the press!

See my previous post for details on this delicious story.
It's only been out for a week and it has already racked up several 5-star reviews from readers!

Afton Locke
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Plucking the Pearl - new release!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new book, Plucking the Pearl!

If you like forbidden love, history, and a big book you can really sink your teeth into, this is the read for you. After you read it you'll love oysters, but as you can see from this HOT cover, Pearl and Caleb don't need aphrodisiacs.

This is the hottest cover I've ever had. Nothing like bare booty to raise the pulse and prolong Valentine's Day passion. Cold shower, anyone?

timeless forbidden passion
Plucking the Pearl by Afton Locke
Genre: interracial historical erotic romance
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
Release Date: 17 February 2012
eBook ISBN #: ISBN:
Buy Link:
Video Trailer: Coming Soon!


When Pearl's sheltered life shatters in the 1930s when her mother dies, her only
option is to move in with poor family relations and shuck oysters in the local
plant on Oyster Island, Maryland.

Determined to live a morally proper life, the last thing she wants is an affair with a
white man, but Caleb, the plant owner, knows a pearl when he sees one. The
successful widower is the “oyster king” of the island, but his intense desire
for his forbidden new employee, a woman of color, threatens everything he’s built.

What begins as a private sexual liaison flowers into strong feelings that don't fit
the social mores of the island. When their secret is discovered, they risk
losing everything. They dared to pluck the pearl, but will their love be strong
enough to keep it forever?


An Excerpt From:
Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2012
All Rights Reserved,
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You’re standing awfully close,” she whispered.

“I am, aren’t I?” he whispered back. “Do you want me to move?”

Yes! No! Oh Lord, help me. I’ve never felt so weak.

“Show me the next step—with the oyster, that is,” she said quickly.

“Certainly.” He gripped her hand around the knife again and made deft movements to cut the meat from the shell. “Cut here and there. That’s all there is to it.”

“You make it look so simple,” she said, realizing he could pull her out of her shell just as easily.

When he stepped away from her, her legs nearly gave out. It was as if the hardness that had been nestled against her was the only thing that had been keeping her standing upright in front of the

He stepped beside her and she watched, fascinated, as he tipped the oyster half with the meat on it to his mouth. Watching the wet creature slide past the dark hairs of his moustache intrigued
her in a way she couldn’t explain.

When he bent forward to kiss her, she was too aroused to refuse. His pale blue eyes came closer than they ever had and all she could do was stare helplessly into them. It was as if she floated higher and higher into the sky, never to set foot on firm earth again.

She felt his moustache first, hot and coarse, and then his lips, cooler and wetter. As his mouth worked over hers, something pushed between her lips. His tongue? She met it with hers, stroking with an abandon she refused to acknowledge as her own.

He tasted of the sea. No, not just one tongue. Two? She was too distracted by the heat boiling through her belly to care. When he removed his mouth, she realized he’d put the oyster inside her

Without thinking, she spit it out and it landed on the floor.

Caleb tipped his head back and laughed. It was a beautiful man’s laugh, musical and deep. Unfortunately she didn’t feel very amused.

“Now Ernie would have a fit if he saw you messed up his clean floor,” he said. “I take it you don’t care for oysters.”

She crossed her arms. “No, I don’t. I thought you had swallowed it. And you shouldn’t have kissed me.”

He wiped his hand on one of the clean rags nearby and she did the same. Then he leaned an elbow against the table and looked at her.

“Why not, honey? We’re not married.”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” she said, “we’re not the same color—or social class, for that matter. You’re the owner of this establishment and I’m just a poor—”

He put two fingers to her lips to quiet her. The lingering scent of oysters drifted from them, making her breathe faster. She was beginning to like oysters…

Afton Locke