Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Black Hills Wolves blog hop - fangs and claws

The Black Hills Wolves blog hunt continues!
What's your favorite part of a wolf shifter -- fangs or claws?
While I try to figure out mine, here are some things you may not know about me.


-I had braces, the old metal kind. I think the orthodontist enjoyed using pliers to drag my teeth around. He seriously put his foot against my chair for leverage. Then the rubber bands I had to wear. And the retainer. It was a wonder I ate at all!

-I have a small mouth, so I had 4 teeth removed to make room. Then 4 wisdom teeth gone. Hopefully, that will be all.

-I have never had a filling. 

-For Easter I didn't get candy. I got cheese. Maybe that's why I don't have any fillings.


-I've always had strong fingernails, to the envy and frustration of people who desperately try to grow nails. In high school, I had seriously long claws. Now I keep them cut short so I can type books faster.

-I've always wanted to wear nail polish, but I wasn't allowed when I was a kid. I always wear it and feel naked without it.

-My high school boyfriend and his father made a joke about ball-and-claw antique furniture. Somehow, I don't think they were talking about wood. I grew up with antiques, so have seen a lot of claws.

-When I was filming the video of Rebel's Claw, my dog conveniently left a dewclaw on the floor. Not sure how it came off, but it was perfect for the motif in the story. Here it is.

here's the video:
Book Trailer:

Decadent Publishing - Black Hills Wolves series: (#22) 

Roark Archer’s Lamar Canyon Pack in Yellowstone has been decimated by ranchers and hunters. Although the Tao pack in Los Lobos, South Dakota, has offered to assimilate it, he cannot give up his heritage so easily. At least not until he gets revenge against whoever killed his best friend, Jared, three years ago.

Recluse Carrie Myers lives on the Wyoming cattle ranch her late father left her. One fateful night changes her life forever, leaving her questioning her sanity. She knows what she saw…or does she? Regardless, she’ll do anything to protect the awful secret that has haunted her for the past three years.

When fate brings Roark to Carrie’s doorstep, the connection between them is undeniable. Determined to avoid commitment, they agree to give in to their unexplainable attraction for one night. Will hatred consume this hell-raising shifter, or can he learn love and forgiveness in the enemy’s arms?

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