Sunday, February 22, 2009


The moment has arrived that all writers anticipate with both joy and dread -- the reviews. Knowing someone else has read your baby and analyzed it is a very vulnerable feeling. Good reviews send you into nirvana. Bad ones make you want to crawl under a rock and never come out.

I wrote a book many years ago that was very controversial and intense. Reviewers either loved it or hated it. It was so intense one reviewer refused to finish reading it. Not good. Another tore it to shreds with criticism. That hurt for a really long time. But most had good things to say.

Today I'm pleased to say reviews of my first book, Cicada, are pretty good. Not perfect. Not every sentence was perfect, but that's okay. I learn from the criticism. I'm thrilled that reviewers had so many good things to say and overall enjoyed reading my book. I hope the next book is even better. Someday I want 5 stars.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews - appeared in January's magazine - 4 stars:

Cicada is a very enjoyable ghost story with an imaginative kinky ghost who thinks that the way to a woman's heart lies in creatively entertaining her in the bedroom and has no problem showing her his dominant side. ... I definitely enjoyed all of the sex scenes in this book which included spanking, light bondage, and oral play. Cicada is a well-written story that will appeal to fans of paranormal romances.

Night Owl Romance - 3 stars:

Cicada was an interesting and entertaining read. ... Afton Locke writes rich details and descriptions that add to the story. ... Cicada was a story which will hold your attention.

Afton Locke

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