Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bond - is something missing?

My husband is a big fan of James Bond movies, so I figured it was about time I watched one. I'm writing a lot of sci/fi stuff so I decided to give Moonraker a try. While I was impressed with the fast pace and acrobatics during a freefall in the sky, I just couldn't get into the movie.

So I asked myself why. I'm not a huge fan of "guy" movies in general, but I've gotten into some of them. I've probably seen most of the Steven Segal movies, for instance.

I figured out what was missing in the Bond movie was emotion. Even in the wildest, most smash-em-up guy movie, there has to be emotion. The viewer has to identify with the protagonist and care about what happens to him.

I didn't care about Bond so even the most elaborate stunts left me yawning. I didn't care about him because he never showed any emotion. Sure, there's a lot at stake, but you'd never know it. He's almost like a robot, going through the motions. Just another day at the office.

I was working on my latest novel involving sex in space and I found myself yawning too (not good!). I was putting my characters through all sorts of microgravity-based sexual gymnastics. Then I realized it. There wasn't enough emotion there. When I started putting the feelings in, all of a sudden I get really interested and involved.

So thanks, James. You taught me a good lesson!

Afton Locke

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Regina Carlysle said...

Had to laugh about the SEX IN SPACE thingy. Actually sounds pretty dang good. lol. My husband is a BOND fanatic and has the entire collection. So many Bonds, so little time. Love the old Bond movies with Sean oh my, who cares about the plot when you can look at HIM. Lordy! My current fave is the Daniel Craig Bond. He plays Bond in a sexy but very intense way.