Friday, January 10, 2014

Stripper With Spice - Desperately Seeking an Alpha

Stripper With Spice, my contemporary erotic romance, releases today from Ellora's Cave!

One of the reasons Carlos is a sexy alpha man is that he won't let Janice give up on him. She has her doubts about having a relationship with a young stripper, but it's hard to doubt when an alpha decides he wants YOU!

Emotion I can’t control surges through me, so I put up my right hand to shield my face from him. He yanks it down.

“What we had is not cheap. It was just as special to me as it was to you. Would I be here right now losing money if I didn’t have feelings for you?”

“Okay, maybe you let those other women feel you up just for the money. Doesn’t that make you a male whore?”

I clap my shaking hand over my mouth, shocked by my own cruel words. Why am I being so vicious? When I first met him, I didn’t mind that he was a stripper. It just made him sexier. Now that I’ve seen his world, though, I don’t see a place in it for me.

“That’s cold, Janice,” he says through gritted teeth, “but I’m glad you’re jealous.”


He reaches over and traces my cheek with his fingers, sending delicious chills down to my toes.

“It means you care. It means you want me all to yourself. You want a relationship with me.”

I lurch against my seat, as if someone just trespassed into my deepest thoughts, and start the engine.

“Good night, Carlos. Call me when you retire.”

He turns the engine back off. “Don’t dismiss me that way. I’m not giving up on you without a fight.”

Taking a deep breath, I tense every muscle in my body as I enunciate each word clearly.

“Let me make myself perfectly clear. I don’t want you.”

“The hell you don’t.” Yanking the key out, he tosses it on the floor and tugs my arm. “Get on my lap.”

I frown at him. “Why?”

“Because you’re about to get the lap dance of your life, querida.”

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