Wednesday, December 31, 2008

weirdest chat

Chatting is a useful tool for promoting books so I've had to learn the ropes. (Not to mention tear my hair out over technical glitches, but that's another story for another day...)

My very first chat occurred several years ago. I don't remember what the subject of the chat group was, if it even had one. Before long, I was communicating with some guy. Turned out he was interested in history too and we got onto the subject of the Old South and Gone With the Wind type stuff. That put me in nirvana since he obviously liked romance and literature too. I was ready to crawl through cyberspace to find this man-of-my destiny and dreams.

At which point he informed me his biggest fantasy was to dress up like a southern belle.

At which point I said "gotta go now, bye!" and dropped the connection faster than a hot potato. (A kilt I could go for but not a hoop dress with lacy petticoats.)

So do you remember your first chat? Or the weirdest one you ever had?

Afton Locke

1 comment:

Regina Carlysle said...

Actually, I've never been on a chat quite like that one before. Ummm...hoop skirts? No thank you. HA. Think I'll stick with writers chats.