Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Desperately Seeking an Alpha

Desperately Seeking an Alpha - Rock My Boat
What I love best about the sexy alpha male is his take charge attitude.

explicit excerpt from Rock My Boat by Afton Locke part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set

“You’re strong,” he said, “but keep your reflexes ready at all times.”

As if to prove his point, he snaked an arm around her waist and yanked her backward. The movement was so sudden, she fell against his chest.

“That was a big sea wave, Ms. Simms, and you weren’t ready.” His stern voice, laced with mocking, scraped her nipples and hardened them.

While she scrambled to get her footing, her lower back accidentally brushed against his crotch. The crisp white fabric of his trousers hid an erection as hard as a pier piling! The swollen lips of her cunt parted inside her panties. Why hadn’t she ever made the time to find the right man and go to bed with him? She must be the world’s only thirty-year-old virgin. Every ounce of her energy had gone into her career.

Her skin blazed under the waistband of her shorts. She needed to be between the hard wall and his equally hard body.

What was going on here? She might be a cruise newbie, but this couldn’t be part of the standard safety procedure. As the CEO of her own company, Simms Creative Advertising Agency, she was well versed in sexual harassment policy and knew he was acting very inappropriately. If she was lucky, he’d lose his job and be sent home before the Trident pulled out of dock.

“You’re the one,” he whispered against her neck, sending another delicious tremor through her.

He didn’t even sound professional anymore. This scene was something out of a bad porn movie. Gathering her wits despite the flood of hormones surging through her body, she launched herself out of his arms and landed against the wall. After turning around, she leaned against it for support and read his name tag.

“Your behavior is way out of line, Officer Whitney. I’m going to report you.”

“Oh, I don’t think you will.” He thrust his hands into his pockets, his dark eyes flickering with amusement. “You enjoyed it too much.”

“I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.” But she didn’t have to. Glancing down, she realized her nipples spoke for her by protruding against her beige blouse. So much for dignity and her thin, useless bra. Straightening her spine, she crossed to the door. Her cunt was so wet it probably needed its own fleet of lifeboats. Before she could turn the handle, his hand closed over hers.

“You’re much too uptight, Rhonda.”

“That’s Ms. Simms to you, Officer Whitney.” She drawled his title as if to tell him how little she thought of it. “I’m warning you. Keep your distance if you don’t want to lose your job.”

“Ms. Simms, what you need is a good fucking.”

Rock My Boat by Afton Locke
part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set

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Afton Locke
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