Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Under Holly's Stockings character interview

Under Holly's Stockings releases today!

Let's get a little deeper inside Michael's head...

How did you get together with Holly in Under Holly's Stockings?
We met on the subway. I hate Christmas, and when the woman sitting next to me tried to drown me in Christmas cheer, I was not pleased. Then I noticed her sexy, red stockings. Would you believe she propositioned me to spend Christmas Day with her in return for hot sex? Of course I said yes!

What about Holly makes you crazy in a good way?
She's plain crazy! For one thing, she can't cook worth a damn. It's a good thing I got a few other appetites satisfied at her place or I would've starved. I never what she's going to do next.

What about her makes me crazy in a bad way?
She brought out my emotions almost as soon as I got to her place. Geez, I didn't even think I had any. She just lost a family member, so that was heavy for her to deal with. I couldn't decide if I wanted to hold her or bed her.

Do you sometimes want to strangle your writer?
Hell, yes! Obviously, my writer is a woman. No man in his right mind would write about decorating a prick with electric Christmas lights. I'm talking plugged-in lights too. I could have been burned or freaking electrocuted.

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Unknown said...

The book sounds great! Thanks for sharing the fun interview.

Afton Locke said...

Thanks for stopping by, Declan!