Wednesday, November 26, 2008

finding balance

When you're an aspiring writer your main goal is to get published. You slave over a manuscript, polish, it up, and send it out. I spent many years this way.

Then one day you get published and you're thrilled beyond belief. But I've discovered what they say is true. The work has only just begun... Not just going through edits but launching a web site and doing promotion, promotion, promotion. Oh, and try to fit in writing a brand new book in the midst of all that. Plus your other responsibilities. You know, real life stuff. Like jobs and family.

I'm not complaining! This is my calling. If I had the energy, I'd immerse myself in it 24 hours a day. As technology increases, there are more and more opportunities to promote. They feel as infinite as the universe. I can't do everything or I'd never get it all done. I have to pick and choose.

And I have to write that next book before my characters go bonkers with impatience. After all, with no more books I'd have nothing to promote, would I? Today I attacked dust bunnies because they were bigger than the dog and getting really scary. I also wrote a chapter. Promotion? Zip. Must hit that again tomorrow.

So I'll have to decide whether to do separate promotion and writing "days" or devote a certain number or hours to each. I have to decide how big I'm going to let the dust bunnies get before I blast them. In other words, I've got to find balance...

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